While I am very confident we will be lucky enough to have the amazing AMBER BENSON back to Challengers for a signing of this very book, you can totally pre-order it now if you don’t want to take any chances of missing out. 

Boy, I bet Amber can’t wait to come back to Chicago… in January…


My new book, THE WITCHES OF ECHO PARK, is available for pre-order through these establishments:

Murder By The Book


Mysterious Galaxy


It comes out January 6 - which is 2 days before my 38th birthday! Wanna get me a great birthday treat? Pre-order the book! :)

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It’s always a good week when a goraina book comes out!!

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Parker’s back from vacation, so enjoy a brand new episode of PARKER’s PICK, right here!

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It’s our 3rd Tumblrversary! Hooray!

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Full details here:




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Patrick took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 
He called out actress/director/writer/singer AMBER BENSON, creator of “God Hates Astronauts” RYAN BROWN and his brother, GEORGE BROWER.

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Challengers Assemble #136: Guardians of the Galaxy

This week’s CHALLENGERS ASSEMBLE Art Blog theme is Guardians Of The Galaxy. Here are the results: Lord by BD Mead.

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I guess I should expect this… This is what we get for having crayons for kids to use so close to the couch. *sigh* (at Challengers Comics)

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Having trouble keeping up with all of our upcoming events? Good news—we have a brand new domain just for you. http://Challengers.Events So easy to remember! Challengers.Events, that’s it! Yay!

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Challengers ASSEMBLE!

Challengers ASSEMBLE! is a weekly Art Blog hosted by CHALLENGERS Comics + Conversation. It can be found at

Every Friday morning a new blog is posted featuring this week’s art and next week’s theme and participants have until 11:59pm Thursday night to complete a piece of art based on that theme. 
The results will be then posted each Friday morning. Rinse. Repeat.

If you are interested in participating, please follow these simple guidelines:
-Finished art should be in .JPG format, no more than 100dpi.
-E-mail submission to no later than 11:59pm Thursday evening.
-Along with your submission, please include 
1. Your name, or the name you want your work credited to (mandatory).
2. A link to your website/DeviantArt page/blog, whatever you want to promote (optional).
3. If your work is for sale, the asking price (optional).
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Parker’s Pick #106. Parker is in Cabo San Lucas this week, so what does that mean for his weekly video review pick?

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» 23 Female Cartoonists On Drawing Their Bodies

We couldn’t admire Lucy Knisley more. This is a wonderful post with art and quotes from 23 amazing, talented creators.


“We need women’s bodies in our stories, having sex and getting our periods and eating food and doing whatever bodies do, so that the things our bodies do are normalized and present — so that boys don’t grow up thinking women are gross or whores or pigs or any other horrible epithet.” —Lucy Knisley

Some ladies said some really fascinating things about presenting female bodies in comics! I am so proud to be among these artists.

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» Challengers Comics

How meta is this? A Tumblr post about our new Tumblr page! All thanks to kikistiel. We’re super happy with it! Thanks, Kiki!!

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Thank you, wescraigcomics!
Look at all the neat stuff he sent us here @ Challengers for his BLACK HAND web comic collection. We already love his work on Deadly Class and you can be sure we’ll have Black Hand in stock on October 1st!

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Today @ Challengers… We got a totally neat promotional package for the new onipress graphic novel I WAS THE CAT. By Paul Tobin and Benjamin Dewey.
Thank you, Burma.

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