Today at Challengers… Did you guys hear? There’s a new Batman movie coming out soon! REALLY!!!! You heard it here first!

Anyway, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Etc didn’t think they’d nearly gotten the word out, what with the “Morgan Freeman will call every adult in America” plan only up to the C’s and unlikely to conclude in time for the film’s release on July 20th. So, to combat the public’s lack of information re: a Batman movie you can go see in theaters, we’ll be participating in DARK KNIGHT DAY on Thursday, July 19th. As a participating store, you can stop in and get a free preview comic featuring material from the recently released Batman: Earth One by Geoff Johns/Gary Frank and the first collection of the New 52 Batman by Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo, plus some other freebies like buttons and posters, probably. Here at Challengers, we’ll also be giving a 20% discount on any Batman graphic novels bought on July 19th.

This is where we start talking about the behemoth seen in those four photos up there. Warners sent us this massive “3 Sided Totem” display. It’s really, really big. It’s got, as noted, three sides: Ella Enchanted, Star Trek Nemesis, and American Psycho. 95” high, 40.5” wide on each side. It looks neat, but we’ve got no room for it long-term. We’re hoping you might be able to give it a good home, though. Would you mind taking it for free? Here’s how!

-Come in on Thursday, July 19th (DARK KNIGHT DAY) and take a free Batman comic.

-Give us your name and e-mail address.

-On July 20th, we’ll draw a winner and announce it on Twitter (@GoChallengersGo) and we’ll e-mail the winner just to be sure.

-The winner has five (5) days to make arrangements with us to pick up this… thing. It mostly disassembles, but each panel is still 95”x40.5”. Keep that in mind.

-If the winner doesn’t contact us and/or pick up the display by July 26th, we’ll draw another winner, and we’ll keep drawing winners until someone finally picks it up.

Make sense? Good luck, then, and we hope to see you on Thursday, July 19th for DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE’S A NEW BATMAN MOVIE AND YOU CAN GO SEE IT IN THEATERS IF YOU WANTED TO DO THAT DAY!

shared 2 years ago on July/9/2012.