Today at Challengers… we’re putting back out the books that delinquent subscribers stuck us with. It’s my least favorite job. That’s a picture of the roughly $600 (retail) worth of stuff that 10 subscribers decided that they didn’t want, and the way they informed us of that desire was to just stop coming in for their books and ignore the phone call we made to them two weeks ago asking them to please pick up their books.

Folks, if you subscribe to comics through a local shop, be honest with them. Don’t be evasive. You may think your store will be “mad” at you for ending your subscription, but we really won’t. We get it, things change in your life. Maybe the books aren’t fun for you. Maybe you can’t afford comics right now. Maybe you’ve found a closer/better store. That’s all perfectly understandable. But TELL them that. If you don’t want your comics held any longer, PLEASE tell them sooner rather than never. Communication is all stores are looking for. We’ll happily put your stuff back out now to avoid having to put piles out in a few months. That gigantic stack of stuff up there? That is the subscription equivalent of breaking up with someone by not showing up to your wedding; there’s got to be a better way to end a relationship than that.

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  2. tommm9 said: That’s why I never did a pull list. Also I think anyone who does a pull list should have to put down a credit card number. Everytime they pull a book it gets charged that’s just fair.
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