Presenting… SIDEKICKS!

Today at Challengers… We present to you our press release for Sidekicks.

For Immediate Release:
Contact Information:
Patrick Brower

Sidekicks, an all-ages, family friendly “comic shop within a comic shop” opens inside Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago

A Place for Young Challengers

  (Chicago IL, January 18, 2013)  Challengers Comics + Conversation is proud to present the Chicago comic book retail landscape with a brand new “comic shop within a comic shop” opening Wednesday, January 23, 2013: SIDEKICKS - A Place For Young Challengers.

             Sidekicks is a separate, 400 sq. ft. room attached to Challengers, dedicated to all-ages and younger reader comic books and graphic novels. “All-ages graphic novels are some of the most in-demand and highly-acclaimed books we stock,” said co-owner W. Dal Bush, “and Sidekicks gives us the opportunity to present them with all the spotlight they deserve.” Challengers co-owner Patrick Brower added, “Series such as AMULET and BONE top so many award lists and are consistent yearly ‘Best Of’ contenders that we want parents to know the quality, and volume, of choices they have for their children’s reading enjoyment, with the emphasis on reading.”

            Sidekicks will be open to readers of all ages starting Wednesday, January 23rd at 11am, and going forward 11am-7pm Monday through Friday, 11am-5pm on the weekends.

About Challengers Comics + Conversation:

Will Eisner “Spirit of Comics” Finalist 3 years in a row (2010-2012), Named “Best Comic Book Shop” by New City (Nov 2012), “Best Comic Shop” by the Chicago Reader (Jun 2010) and “Best Comic Book Store” by Chicago Magazine (Aug 2009), Challengers Comics + Conversation strives to prove that the best thing about being in a comic book store, is being in a comic book store. With a combined 42 years of comic retail experience, owners Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush endeavor to bring Chicago a full-service, technologically interactive comic store that has the same level of wonder and enjoyment as the comics they sell. And read. And talk about. And champion.

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