Today at Challengers… I’m trying to remember if we showed everyone this year’s Sale T-Shirt design. Did we? It’s that one up there by Sean Dove (@andthankyou). I think it’s neat.

Wait. Hold on. Did you know we’re doing a sale? It’s called “I Love You But I’ve Chosen Comics”, it runs Feb 7 through Feb 13 each year, and you get 25% off everything in the store (except items marked New This Week, Local Artists books and any Held Items). It’s the only sale we do for the entire year, so don’t miss it.

Oh, and we do a t-shirt for the sale each year! That’s a thing. Anyone who spends more than $100 during the sale gets an exclusive, not-to-be-reprinted FREE t-shirt (delivery by the end of Feb), that you can only get by qualifying during the sale. Which, to bring it all the way back around, is what that new Sean Dove image is for. This year’s t-shirt.

I think (hope) that’s everything. It’s a busy day! I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about all this stuff. Thanks!

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