Today at Challengers… VERY NEAR MINT Volume 3 is available! Hot out of the Priority Mail box, we’ve got copies of Justin Peterson’s long-awaited third installment of the Very Near Mint saga for $10 each. PLUS! Each copy comes with a whole bunch of bonus materials: two postcards, a “Mavrel” Masterpieces card, a double-sided Splash Page/Across the Street nametag, a pre-crumpled Splash Page rally flyer, and the limited-to-350 Very Near Mint 3.5 mini-comic. While supplies last, people! Haven’t you waited long enough?

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Today at Challengers… We are proud to offer 4 great new self-published titles to the good comic-lovin’ folks of Chicago.

BITTER SWEET a new sketchbook by Luke Smarto.
BRUTALLY FRANK vol. 1 collecting the first 5 issues of Robert Burns' sci-fi epic.
VERY NEAR MINT vol. 2 Justin Peterson's KickStarter success story continues. 
GERTRUDE THE GREAT a great new all-ages book by Trisa Laughlin and Jill Thompson. Or, as the Innovator of Violence, TOMMY DREAMER calls Trisa, “ECW Original BEULAH.” 

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