Ladies, a question:


Today at Challengers… we were asked if we were going to be hosting any sort of ongoing “Ladies Night” events at Challengers in the future. A variety of stores in Chicago are either running or will soon be running these sort of events. You know, weekly (or monthly) “ladies only” after-hours social gatherings. We’d previously decided not to run “Ladies Night” stuff because, well, we wouldn’t run a “Mens Night” event either. We didn’t think that, with the amount of women who shop at Challengers regularly, with the amount of women who work at Challengers regularly, that we needed to create a “safe” or “welcoming” night for female comic fans. If we’re doing our jobs right, every night is Ladies Night.

But, look. I’m not a female comics fan, and I never have been. I don’t know what it’s like to participate in a fandom or culture where I’d infer that I’m unwelcome. I don’t really know whether something like a “Ladies Night” is a light in the wilderness or an admission of every other night being female-unfriendly.

So, ladies, a question: Would a Challengers-sponsored “Ladies Night” be a good thing or a bad thing? Is it unnecessary or a welcome respite?

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